corroless layers
Rust stabilising primers ~ protecting your investment.

This range of coatings can be applied directly onto clean, firmly adherent rust providing long term protection against further corrosion. All Corroless primers incorporate an active pigment that is unique in its ability to stabilise rust into more stable oxides of iron such as magnetite (Fe304). The Primers therefore utilise the rust present to form a protective layer that is firmly bonded to the substrate, eliminating the need for expensive shotblasting. Additionally, as Corroless Primers can easily be applied to flash rusting, the timing and method of shotblasting can be greatly simplified. Corroless primers used in conjunction with Corroless reinforced coatings will provide cost effective long-term anti-corrosion protection.

Product data sheets in this file incorporate the following products:

Corroless S
General purpose rust stabilising primer.
Excellent wetting properties and suitable for application onto firmly adherent rust as well as shotblasted surfaces.. Temperature resistance up to 200deg.C ideal for use on heat exchangers and transformer radiators.

Corroless SHB
Single coat version of Corroless S giving a DFT of 90 microns. Used in aggressive environments where additional protection is required or where access is limited and multi-coat systems are impractical.

Corroless M
Particularly suitable for application to multi-metal situations including galvanising, aluminium, zinc coated surfaces and ferrous metals. No etch primer required and the product can be applied to non-ferrous, ferrous and firmly adhered rusty surfaces.

Corroless QDR
This fast drying primer can be overcoated with Alkyd and oil based coatings such as RF15 in as little as 30 minutes. Corroless QDR is also useful as part of onsite routine maintenance where small areas require quick patch repair.

Corroless T
Single pack, glass reinforced, rust stabilising primer used as a single product system for application to steel structures such as piping, piers, jetties, sheet piling etc- can be applied to damp surfaces.

Corroless E
This two pack epoxy primer possesses excellent adhesion characteristics and chemical resistance for applications subject to basic solutions, acids, polluted or demineralised water, some solvents, crude and refined oils as well as sea water. Providing the ultimate in priming protection Corroless E will form a sound basis for two pack Corroless topcoats.

Corroless EPF
Is a two component, glass reinforced, solventless, epoxy based, rust stabilising primer formulated for use in aggressive environments with minimum surface preparation (Swedish Standard ST2). Applications include ballast tanks, sheet piling, water tanks (see Corroless RF35 for potable water tanks), jetties, bridges and other structural steel, as well as concrete and other selected substrates.

Corroless EP

Combines the toughness, chemical resistance and all round durability of epoxy with the exceptional water resistance of coal tar to form a coating that will provide complete protection in most aggressive environments. Applications include ballast tanks, sheet piling, tanks, jetties, bridges and other structural steel.